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Quick News [25.04.2005]:

All has come to an end... Due the upcoming software patents in Europe i decided to stop development of NexgenIPL. For more than 5 years i had much fun in developing this fine software and I had nice conversations with all the developers that use this software. But also my interests have changed in this long time and other things got more priority in my life. Finally I want to thank all developers that support me in developing this software.

Also have a look at http://www.nosoftwarepatents.com and http://petition.eurolinux.org

Quick News [26.10.2004]:

Das NexgenIPL Produktpaket steht ab sofort zum Verkauf. Es beinhaltet folgende Komponenten:

- Kompletter Sourcecode des aktuellen Stands v3.0 RC2 + Buildtools
- Sourcecode für bisher unveröffentlichte COM Schnittstelle
- Sourcecode um Photoshop Filter- und Fileformat Plugins mit NexgenIPL zu verwenden. Funktioniert bisher nur für einfache Photoshop 5.0 komp. Plugins.

Sollten sie Interesse an diesem Produkt haben so kontaktieren Sie mich unter: nexgenipl@binary-technologies.de