NexgenIPL v3.0 Final Build 20050305 [Topol]
  • Fixed bug in TIFF-Decoder. Photoshop 7 generated images using JPEG compression were not displayed correct.

NexgenIPL v3.0 RC3 Build 20041126 [Elysium]
  • Fix bug in JPEG decoder. The colors of CMYK images were not decoded correct when the internal jpeg color space is CMYK.
  • Some internal modifications.

NexgenIPL v3.0 RC2 Build 20041020 [Embothrium]
  • Modified BTCImageData::ConvertTo32BPP(...) to set alpha channel.
  • Updated documentation.

NexgenIPL v3.0 RC1 Build 20040913 [Imageverse]
  • Renamed class BTIProgressNotification to BTINotification.
  • Class BTCImageData supports BTINotification interface for most image processing functions.
  • Added the following methods to BTCImageData: void SetNotification(BTINotification* pNotification = NULL); and BTINotification* GetNotification();
  • Modified internal memory management.
  • Added the following new fixed filter examples: BTCDeepEmbossFixedFilter, BTCFoilEngraveFixedFilter.
  • Enhanced BTCImageData::Convolve(...) method. You can specify which channels are affected by the convolution filter.
  • Updated documentation.

NexgenIPL v2.9.6 Final Build 20040810 [Xenon]
  • Updated TIFF-Engine.
  • Some internal modifications.
  • Fixed EPS-Decoder to decode images generated with QuarkXpress.

NexgenIPL v2.9.6 RC4 Build 20040712 [Tharsis]
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageObject when using assignment operator. The list of codecs was not copied correct.
  • Updated FAQ.txt.
  • Fixed bug in method BTCImageObject::Save. It will return immediatelly if the attached image is not initialized/loaded.
  • Fixed bug in assignment operator from BTCImageData. It doesn't process uninitialized images the right way.
  • Updated JP2-Engine.

DDS-Codec update
  • Fixed 24 BPP bug in encoder. Thanks to Shane for the fix.

DDS-Codec update
  • Modified DDS-Codec sources to work with Visual Studio.NET 2003. Thanks to Shane for the fix.

NexgenIPL v2.9.6 RC3 Build 20040608 [Archangelsk]
  • Fixed memory leak in JP2-Encoder.
  • Updated FAQ.txt.
  • Added assignment operator to BTCImageObject class.

NexgenIPL v2.9.6 RC2 Build 20040510 [Ganimede]
  • Add PSD-Decoder. The following formats are supported: Grayscale, Indexed, RGB, CMYK, LAB. Also color profiles are supported.
  • Error messages that are displayed in a dialog box are suppressed. A callback interface will be implemented in one of the next releases.
  • Fixed some internal bugs.

NexgenIPL v2.9.6 RC1 Build 20040303 [Khyber]
  • Some internal updates.
  • Default values for decoder/encoder options had not been documented -> fixed.
  • BTCImageData::SwapPaletteIndex(...) returns immediately if nIndex1 == nIndex2.
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::SetColorForPixel(int x, int y, int nIndex) when modifiying 4bpp image data. Some other methods were affected by this bug.

NexgenIPL v2.9.5 Final Build 20031113 [Deuterium]
  • Another lint session (=> found some NULL pointer errors).
  • Updated MNG-Engine.
  • Updated TIFF-Engine.
  • Updated JP2-Engine.

NexgenIPL v2.9.5 RC3 Build 20030508 [Berylium]
  • Fixed bug in RAS-Encoder.
  • Fixed bug in RAS-Decoder.
  • Added IPTC support to JPEG-Encoder.
  • Added EXIF support to JPEG-Encoder.
  • Fixed bug in BTCEncoderOptionsJPEG. Set default value for m_nQuality from 0 (low quality) to 100 (best quality).
  • Fixed bug in BMP-Encoder when writing 4bpp RLE images.
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::Quantize(1). The colortable wasn't set to black/white.
  • Modified option interface for PNG-Encoder. BTEO_PNG_TRANSPARENTCOLORINDEX (int) changed to BTEO_PNG_TRANSPARENTCOLOR (BTColorRGB).
  • Modified PNG-Encoder. A transparent color can be set for paletted and rgb images.
  • Added BTCImageData::SwapPaletteIndex(...) to swap two palette colors.

NexgenIPL v2.9.5 RC2 Build 20030412 [Tammuz]
  • Changed return parameter for BTCImageObject::Load(...) from bool to long. The return parameter is the id of the codec used to decode the image.
  • Changed return parameter for BTCImageObject::Save(...) from bool to BTRESULT.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Updated FAQ.
  • Fixed bug in BTCString. This bug is the reason for some crashes (e.g. loading TIFF images).
  • Added IPTC support to JPEG and TIFF decoder.

NexgenIPL v2.9.5 RC1 Build 20030406 [Nebukadnezar]
  • Fixed bug in CMS-Engine (only affect's the unicode version).
  • Added LogLuv support to TIFF-Decoder.
  • Added BTCString string class.
  • Modified Option-Interface (GetOption(const long lId, BTCString &strValue) and SetOption(const long lId, const BTCString strValue)). Furthermore the macro BTGETOPTION had to be changed.
  • Increased decoding speed for GIF images.
  • Enhanced TIFF-Decoder option interface. Now you can get the title, author, description, software and copyright attributes.
  • Enhanced PNG-Decoder option interface. Now you can get the title, author, description, copyright, software, disclaimer and comment attributes.
  • Enhanced PXM-Decoder option interface. Now you can get the description attribute.
  • Enhanced MNG-Encoder/Decoder interface. Now you can set/get the title, author, description, copyright, creationtime, software, disclaimer, warning, source and comment attributes.
  • Fixed bug in example stream implementation BTCOMemStream.
  • Added EXIF support to JPEG-Decoder. Please read the FAQ how to use this feature. More image formats will be supported within the next version.

NexgenIPL v2.9.4 Build 20030309 [Tritium]
  • Some internal modifications.
  • Updated JP2-Engine.
  • Fixed bug in JP2-Encoder when encoding 4, 8 and 16bpp images.

NexgenIPL v2.9.4 RC4 Build 20030124 [Sardaukar]
  • Modified GIF-Decoder. All frames except the first one are rendered as 32bpp. The transparent parts of the images will be decoded into the alpha channel.
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::GetIndexFromColor(...).
  • Another lint session.

NexgenIPL v2.9.4 RC3 Build 20030111 [Tanager]
  • Modified BTCImageObject::AddCodec(...).
  • Added BTCImageObject::GetCodecIdFromFormat(...) and GetCodecIdFromExtension(...) to retrieve the id of the requested codec.
  • Removed BTFileType structure (BTDefines.h).
  • Modified BTCImageObject::Save(...).
  • Fixed bug in PNG-Encoder. The image resolution information wasn't written.
  • Modified PNG-Encoder options interface. Added BTEO_PNG_INTERLACE to enable/disable interlacing.
  • Fixed bug in the GIF-Decoder (a never ending story). Colortable array bounds weren't checked, which results in a crash in some cases.
  • Updated Faq.txt.

NexgenIPL v2.9.4 RC2 Build 20021226 [Kaitain]
  • Modified BTICodec interface.
  • Modified BTCOptions interface. Return values changed from bool to BTRESULT.
  • Modified BTCDecoder interface. IsValidType(...) now returns BTRESULT instead of long.
  • Added BTCImageData::SetChannel(...) method.
  • Modified BTCImageData::Combine(...) method. When using 'BTCombineFunction::Normal' the alpha channel will be copied, too. For all other filters processing the alpha channel does not make much sense, in this case the origin alpha channel won't be modified.

NexgenIPL v2.9.4 RC1 Build 20021215 [Zyklotron]
  • Modified JP2-Encoder options interface. Added BTEO_JP2_CODEC to set type of codec for encoding. You can choose between JP2 (File Format Syntax) and JPC (Code Stream Syntax).
  • Modified BTICodec interface. GetFormat(), GetDescription() and GetExtension() now returning unicode strings when using unicode version of the library.
  • Modified MNG-Decoder. Now the images will be loaded complete.
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageObject::GetFileType. It was not able to load images using the last registered decoder codec (default: CUT).
  • Added BTCImageData::Rotate(...) method.

NexgenIPL v2.9.3 Final Build 20021109 [Stark]
  • Modified GIF-Decoder to load as much as possible from the image when detecting an error.
  • Fixed memory leak in GIF-Decoder.
  • Another complete source code check using lint (more aggressive settings).
  • Updated documentation.

NexgenIPL v2.9.3 RC2 Build 20020908 [Tokamak]
  • Modified JPEG-Decoder to load images in correct color depth (not only 32bpp).
  • Updated PNG-Engine.
  • Updated MNG-Engine.
  • Updated CMS-Engine.
  • Some internal code changes/enhancements.

NexgenIPL v2.9.3 RC1 Build 20020809 [Tachyon]
  • Added ability to load JPEG's with RGBA output colorspace.
  • Added BTCImageData::OilPaint(...) method.
  • Renamed BTRGB color structure (BTCColor.h) to BTColorRGB.
  • Modified BTCIOStream::Close() method (look into BTCIOStream.h for more details).
  • Complete source code was checked using lint. This results in many fixed bugs and hopefully a more solid/stable piece of software.

NexgenIPL v2.9.2 Build 20020607 [Radium]
  • Added BTCImageData::StretchTransparent(...) function.
  • Added RAS-Encoder.
  • Modified BTCImageData::CombineChannel() and SplitChannel().
  • Modified GIF-Decoder options interface. Added BTDO_GIF_TRANSPARENTCOLORAVAILABLE to retrieve informations whether there is a transparent color available.
  • Fixed bug in the BMP-Encoder. Images with odd width's will be encoded (RLE4/8) correct now.
  • Fixed bug in the unicode library version when loading images containing embedded color profiles.

NexgenIPL v2.9.1 Build 20020517 [Radiance]
  • Added BTCImageData::Noise(...).
  • Added Perlin noise implementation. You can find the code in the '/example/filters' directory.
  • Updated PNG-Engine.
  • Fixed bug in the GIF-Decoder (local palette was not used for rendering). Now all frames, except the first frame, will be rendered as 24bpp images. Notice that the GIF option interface has been changed.
  • Fixed bug in JPEG-decoder when loading images with embedded sRGB color profile.

NexgenIPL v2.9.0.1 Build 20020421 [Vulkan]
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::Draw and Stretch (The modification made in the last version doesn't work correct under Win9x).
  • Fixed 'Division by Zero' bug in JPEG-Decoder when decoding images with unknown resolution information.

NexgenIPL v2.9 Final Build 20020410 [Helium]
  • BMP-Decoder detects file size corrupted files and prevent loading these files.
  • Increased performance of some generic methods.
  • Fixed bug in BMP-Encoder writing 4bpp.
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::Draw and Stretch. Drawing parts of an image will be displayed correct now. Notice that the old implementation was incorrect, so you possibly have to update your code.
  • Fixed bug in TIFF-Encoder. Due the change of the interface you were not able to save compressed images.
  • Fixed bug (retrieving transparency) in PNG and GIF-Decoder which were caused due the new option interface.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • The biSizeImage header attribute will be set correct when encoding BMP images.

NexgenIPL v2.9 RC3 Build 20020316 [Eclipse]
  • Added PBM-Encoder.
  • Added new option for PNG-Decoder: Retrieve transparent color from paletted/indexed images.
  • Added new option for PNG-Decoder: Retrieve transparent color from RGB images.
  • Added new option for PNG-Decoder: Set the background color.
  • Added new option for PNG-Encoder: Set transparent color for indexed/paletted images.
  • Modified decoder/encoder class interface.
  • Increased PGM-Encoder performance and reduced memory cosumption.
  • Fixed some bugs in BMP-Decoder/Encoder.
  • Fixed bug loading images from resource using strings.
  • Some more enhancements.

NexgenIPL v2.9 RC2 Build 20020217 [ColorTheory]
  • Added embedded profile support for TIFF/JPEG. Please read the FAQ how to use it.
  • Updated JPEG2000-Decoder/Encoder engine.
  • Fixed a bug in the BMP-Encoder. It won't be create corrupted 4/8 bpp images anymore.

NexgenIPL v2.9 RC1 Build 20020209 [Farbraum]
  • Added BTIColorSpace and BTIColorManagementSystem classes.
  • Added CMYK support to JPEG-Decoder.
  • Added CIELab (8bit) support to TIFF-Decoder.
  • Added new resize filter BTFilter::Hann4.
  • Added the following filters to BTCImageData: Dilate, Erode, EdgeEnhanceMore, Detail.
  • Added the following fixed filters (source is available): Borderize, Define, BigEdge, Defocus, EdgeDetect, Highlight, Sharpen, SharpenMore, PrewittVertical, PrewittHorizontal, SobelVertical, SobelHorizontal, Laplacian, Laplacian5x5, Gaussian, Gaussian5x5, HighPass, HighPass5x5, Average, LowPass1, LowPass2, LowPass3, Contour1, Contour2, Contour3. The filters are implemented as a template class (BTFixedFilters.h). You can find it in the '/examples/filters/' directory.
  • Renamed BTFilter to BTResizeFilter.
  • Renamed resize filter BTFilter::Lanczos to Lanczos3.
  • Modified BTCImageData::Concolve(...). Notice that the parameters has been changed.
  • Removed parameter in BTCImageData::Sharpen().
  • Renamed BTCImageData::EnhanceEdge to EdgeEnhance.
  • Fixed bug in TIFF-Encoder. It won't crash anymore whether BTParamTIFF is not filled completely.
  • Fixed a bug in the resize engine. Using some filters will not produce clipping errors anymore.
  • Recoded BTCColor class.

NexgenIPL v2.8.3 Build 20011227 [Fusion]
  • Added Dr. Halo Decoder/Encoder.
  • Added BTCColor::GetIntensity(...) to calculate the color intensity.
  • Modified BTCImageData::FromDC(...). The source rectangle will be stretched to the destination size if they are not equal. Notice that the result of the stretched image is not very good. If you want a good quality use the Resize(...) method.
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::Create(...). The default color table will be initialized correct for 8 bpp images.
  • Updated the FAQ.txt.

NexgenIPL v2.8.2 Build 20011214 [Horus]
  • Added BTCColor class. Removed the color conversion methods from BTCImageData.
  • Added BTCImageData::Combine(...) method. The following functions are available: Normal, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Difference, Lightest, Darkest, Average, Or, And, Screen, Overlay.
  • Removed the following methods from BTCImageData: Add, Difference, Multiply, Paste.
  • Changed BTICodec interface and added GetCodecType() method.
  • Updated TIFF-Decoder/Encoder engine. Added the following codecs: DEFLATE, DEFLATE_ADOBE
  • Fixed bug in Convolve, DeInterlace and Normalize. 32bpp images lost their Alpha-Channel using this functions.
  • Fixed bug in BMP-Decoder when loading 16bpp images.

NexgenIPL v2.8.1 Final Build 20011109 [Vothex]
  • Added lossy compression to JP2-Encoder. See BTParamJP2 for more details (BTDefines.h).
  • Added YUV ITU-R BT 601 (CCIR 601) 4:2:2 Decoder/Encoder sample implementation.
  • Fixed bug in the TGA-Decoder. Decoder won't crash anymore if there are wrong alpha-channel informations in the file header.
  • Fixed bug in the GIF-Decoder. Background will be initialized correct for frame numbers greater than 1.

NexgenUI v1.6.3 Build 20011108
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageList. Tile width or height <= 0 will not crash the library anymore.
  • Fixed bug in the BTCDigit control when using transparent bitmap fonts. Also reduced/removed the flickering of the control.

NexgenIPL v2.8.1 RC2 Build 20011012 [Tesox]
  • Added sample implementation of BTCOMemStream output-stream to save images to memory.
  • Added sample implementation of BTCIInternetStream input-stream to load images across networks via http or ftp.
  • Added the following Resize-Filters: Triangle, Bell, BSpline, Sinc, Lanczos, Mitchell, Quadratic, Hermite, Hanning, Catrom, Cubic. Now it's also possible to resize images with 1, 4, 8, 16 and 24 bpp.
  • Fixed bug in JP2-Encoder. 1-bit images will be saved now as grayscale images.
  • Fixed datatype bug (GetFileType, Load and Save).

NexgenIPL v2.8.1 RC1 Build 20010919 [Freedom]
  • Added JPEG2000-Decoder/Encoder.
  • Fixed bug in the JPEG-Decoder. The resolution will be calculated correct now.

NexgenIPL v2.8 Build 20010829 [Helikon]
  • Added a Unicode version of library.
  • Added BTCImageObject::GetCodecs(...) to receive a list containing the available codecs.
  • Added the interface class BTICodecList. The class provides some methods to navigate through the list of codecs (See BTICodec.h for more details).
  • Replaced BTFILETYPE_PPM_BIN, BTFILETYPE_PPM_ASCII, BTFILETYPE_PGM_BIN, BTFILETYPE_PGM_ASCII, BTFILETYPE_PBM_BIN, BTFILETYPE_PBM_ASCII with BTFILETYPE_PPM, BTFILETYPE_PGM, BTFILETYPE_PBM. To receive detailed informations about the format use the BTParamPxM structure at loading. To save a image as Binary/Raw or ASCII also use the BTParamPxM structure to specify the format. Use BTENCODINGTYPE_ASCII or BTENCODINGTYPE_BINARY to specify the type (see BTDefines.h for more details).
  • Changed the BTICodec interface. The following methods are added (See the sample decoder implementation (BTCDecoderICO) for more details): virtual const char *GetFormat() = 0, virtual const char *GetDescription() = 0, virtual const char *GetExtension() = 0.
  • Fixed bug in the JPEG-Decoder. The APP0 marker will be loaded correct now for CMYK images (Resolution informations).
  • Some internal enhancements (Speeded up loading files in some cases).

NexgenIPL v2.73 Build 20010730 [Pixelstorm]
  • Added BTCImageData::Median(...) filter.
  • Added the class documentation.
  • Modified BTCImageData::Convolve(...) method.
  • Some internal modifications.

NexgenIPL v2.72 Build 20010701 [Rammstein]
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::DrawTransparent(...). Modifications on the destination DC before drawing won't be reseted anymore.

NexgenUI v1.62 Build 20010701
  • Updated NexgenIPL library to v2.72

NexgenIPL v2.71 Build 20010623 [Schwellwert]
  • Added BTCImageData::Posterize(...).
  • Added BTCImageData::Threshold(...).
  • Modified BTCImageData::AdjustContrast(...).

NexgenIPL v2.7 Build 20010606 [Abendstern]
  • Added BTCImageData::SplitChannels(...) to split an image into its channels.
  • Added PSP-Decoder. Currently PaintShopPro V6 and V7 images with 1 layer are supported.
  • Modified the calling parameters BTCImageData::GetChannel(...).
  • Redesigned BTCImageData::CombineChannels(...).
  • Fixed bug in JPEG-Decoder. Now CMYK images will be loaded correct.
  • Fixed memory leak in BTCImageData::DrawTransparent(...).

NexgenIPL v2.7 RC1 Build 20010521 [Morgenstern]
  • Added 32bpp support to PCX-Decoder/Encoder.
  • Added MNG-Encoder. You're able to set the compression level (see BTParamMNG.h).
  • Added BTResolution BTCImageData::GetResolution(const enum BTResolutionUnit& ResUnit = BTRESUNIT_METER) method. Use this to get the resolution of the image. Resolution informations are available for the following formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG, PCX and TIFF. All other formats doesn't support this feature.
  • BMP-Encoder writes RLE (Run-Length-Encryption) files by default (Only for 4 and 8bpp images, BMP does not support RLE for 16, 24 and 32bpp images). To turn off compression see BTParamBMP.
  • Recoded TGA-Decoder.
  • TGA-Encoder writes RLE files by default. To turn off compression see BTParamTGA (BTDefines.h).
  • Modified BTIProgressNotification interface. Now you're able to abort loading/saving. See BTIProgressNotification.h for more details.
  • Renamed BTCImageData::Edge -> EnhanceEdge.
  • Modified BTCImageData::DrawTransparent method.
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::SetPalette().
  • Fixed a little bug in the ICO-Decoder.
  • Internal modifications.

NexgenIPL v2.63 Build 20010430
  • Added 16 bit support to PNG-Encoder (will be converted to 24bpp).
  • Recoded PCX-Decoder. PCX-Files won't be decoded as 24bpp images only anymore.
  • Recoded PNG-Decoder. PNG-Files <= 8bpp won't be decoded as 32bpp images only anymore.
  • Internal modifications.

NexgenIPL v2.62 Build 20010417
  • Added 16 bit support to BMP-Decoder.

NexgenIPL v2.61 Build 20010413
  • Added DCT/IDCT method support to JPEG-Decoder. You can choose between different modes (See BTDefines.h for BTDCTMethod and BTParamJPEG).
  • Now the following methods are available for 1,4,8,16,24 and 32 bpp images: Mirror, Paste, Add, Difference, Multiply, Blend, AdjustBrightness, AdjustContrast, AdjustHighlight AdjustMidtone, AdjustShadow, AdjustHue, AdjustLightness, AdjustSaturation, AdjustHLS, AdjustRed AdjustGreen, AdjustBlue, AdjustRGB
  • Fixed bug in EPS-Encoder.

NexgenIPL v2.6 Build 20010317
  • Added ability to specify transparent color when writing GIF-Images (see BTDefines.h).
  • Added JNG, WMF, EMF, APM support (decoders only).
  • Added DCT/IDCT method support to JPEG-Encoder. You can choose between different modes (See BTDefines.h for BTDCTMethod and BTParamJPEG).
  • Added BTCImageData::GetPlanes().
  • Added BTCImageData::GetDepth().
  • Renamed BTHSV to BTHSB.
  • Modified EPS-Decoder to load encapsulated WMF/EMF/APM. Please notice that the image size sometimes differ from the size loading the image in Photoshop/Paintshop Pro.
  • Fixed GDI-Bug in BTCImageData::DrawTransparent(...).

NexgenIPL v2.5 Build 20010207
  • Added MNG-Decoder.
  • Enhanced TGA-Decoder. 15 bit images are now supported.
  • Enhanced ICO-Decoder. Number of icons in file is returnd through parameter.
  • Fixed bug in TIFF-Decoder. Now colors will be calculated correct if image is <= 8bpp and palette is 16 bits.
  • Fixed bug in TGA-Decoder. Color values from grayscale images will be calculated correct now.
  • Fixed bug in BMP-Decoder. Now 4bpp RLE compressed images will be loaded correct.
  • Fixed bug in ICO-Decoder. Now all types of color depths should be loaded correct.

NexgenIPL v2.4 Build 20010129
  • New parameter added: BTCImageObject::GetFileType(unsigned char* pData) changed to GetFileType(unsigned char* pData, long lSize).
  • Added interface to let you add your own decoders/encoders: bool BTCImageObject::AddCodec(long lId, BTICodec* pCodec, const enum BTCodecType& CodecType), void BTCImageObject::RemoveCodec(long lId, const enum BTCodecType& CodecType).
  • Added decoder to load ICONS. The source is available in the Example directory.
  • BTCImageObject::GetFileType(...) returns now long values.
  • All BTCImageObject::GetFileType(...) are no longer static methods. You have to create a BTCImageObject to use them.
  • Parameter nType in BTCImageObject::Save(...) has been changed from int to long.
  • FileType ids are no longer located in the BTCImageObject class. You can find them now in BTDefines.h.
  • Fixed bug in BTCDataObject::GetFileType(...).
  • Updated FAQ's.

NexgenIPL v2.3 Build 20010115
  • Added compression support to TIFF-Encoder. Now you are able to choose between the following codecs (LZW compression is not supported because of Unisys patents.): CCITTRLE, CCITTRLEW, CCITTFAX3, CCITTFAX4, JPEG, PACKBITS.
  • Added EPS-Decoder. Now it is possible to load EPS-Files with embedded TIFF's.
  • Added BTCImageData::GetDIB() method.
  • Modified TIFF-Encoder for alpha channel support.
  • Defined BTCOLORREF and changed COLORREF to BTCOLORREF.
  • Fixed bug in TIFF-Decoder when loading 32 bit images (Alpha-Channel will be loaded correct now).
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::FromDIB(...).
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::Fill(...). It'll work correct for images > 8bpp now.

NexgenIPL v2.2 Build 20001228
  • Added 32 bit support to TGA-Decoder/Encoder.
  • Added BTCImageData::DeInterlace(bool bRetainOdd = true, const enum BTDeInterlaceType#38; Type = Interpolate) method.
  • Renamed BTStructs.h to BTDefines.h.
  • Preparing library to support alpha channels.
  • Modified BTCImageData::GetChannel(...) to retrieve Alpha-Channel.
  • Fixed encoding bug in TGA-Encoder when writing 16 bit images.

NexgenIPL v2.11 Build 20001219
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::AdjustGamma(...).
  • Updated FAQ's.

NexgenIPL v2.1 Build 20001120
  • Added the following parameters to BTParamJPEG which can be used for saving: nSmoothingFactor; // 1..100, or 0 for no input smoothing, bOptimizeCoding; // true = optimize entropy encoding parms.
  • Improved JPEG-Encoder. Encoding big images needs less memory now.
  • Library is compiled with MSVC 6.0 and /LINK50COMPAT to enable using this library with MSVC 5.0. Also Bugtrapper and Purify should work correct.

NexgenIPL v2.0 Final Build 20001106
  • Added feature to add comments to GIF-Files.
  • Added feature to get comments from a GIF-File when loading.
  • Added BTCImageData::Antialias(double dWeight = 1.0 / 3.0, int nSameThreshold = 25, int nDiffThreshold = 25);
  • Fixed bug in GIF-Decoder when loading images using background color.
  • Fixed decoding error in GIF-Decoder.
  • Fixed GDI-Resource problem in BTCImageData::Stretch(...) and BTCImageData::Draw(...) method.

NexgenIPL v2.0 RC6 Build 20001020
  • Added PBM-Decoder.
  • Added BTCImageData::Rotate90(const enum BTDirection& Direction = Right) to rotate image 90 degrees to left or right.
  • Added new BTCImageData::Resize(int nWidth, int nHeight, const enum BTFilter& Filter = Bilinear); to resize current image and save result to DestImage.
  • Added BTCImageData::Smooth(int nMaskSize = 3).
  • Added BTCImageData::Edge().
  • Changed parameters in BTCImageData::Resize(...).
  • Improved BTCImageData::FindEdge(double dFactor = 60.0).
  • Fixed bug when loading images from memory buffer. Because of this the number of parameters from the Load(unsigned char* pData, long lSize, void* pParam = NULL) method has been changed (lSize is the size of the memory block).
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::FromDIB(HANDLE hDib).
  • Fixed bug in BTCImageData::ConvertTo24BPP().
  • Fixed some bugs in GIF-Decoder e.g. loading correct colortable.
  • Fixed memory leak in BTCImageData::DrawTransparent(...).
  • Images do not have to be converted to 32 bits per pixel for the following methods: BTCImageData::Grayscale(), BTCImageData::Negate(), BTCImageData::Flip().
  • Please notice that some image manipulation methods e.g. Solarize doesn't work correctly with images < 24 bits (the result looks ugly). That's because 8 bit images only have 256 colors, and that's not enough.

NexgenIPL v2.0 RC5 Build 20000924
  • Added BTCImageData::Solarize(double dFactor = 0.0) method.
  • Added BTCImageData::Sharpen(double dFactor = 86.0) method.
  • Added BTCImageData::FindEdge() method.
  • Added BTCImageData::Embose() method.
  • Added BTCImageData::Normalize() method.
  • Added BTCImageData::Convolve(float* pMatrix, int nMatrixSize, bool bAbs, COLORREF colBase = 0x01000000) to process filters.
  • Better error processing in TIFF-Decoder/-Encoder.
  • ConvertTo32BPP()/ConvertTo24BPP() now returning true if the image has the right color depth.
  • Removed bug when loading images < 1024 bytes from resource.

NexgenIPL v2.0 RC4 Build 20000915
  • 24 bit TIFF images won't be loaded as 32 bit images anymore.
  • Improved HLS manipulation functions.
  • Fixed error in internal output stream.

NexgenIPL v2.0 RC3 Build 20000908
  • Improved speed when writing images/files.
  • Fixed bug in PCX-Encoder.

NexgenIPL v2.0 RC2 Build 20000906
  • Added interface to use your own input streams for loading images.
  • Added 24 bit support to PCX-Encoder.
  • Many internal changes and improvements.
  • Removed little bug from TIFF-Decoder when loading palette images.
  • Removed bug from PCX-Encoder when encoding 8 bit images.

NexgenIPL v2.0 RC1 Build 20000818
  • Added BTCImageData::FromDIB(HANDLE hDib).
  • Added BTCIStream/BTCOStream virtual classes for user implemented input/output. Currently only user implemented outputs are supported.
  • Added 16 bit bitmaps support. They have to be converted to 24 bits because some 16 bit images stored as BITFIELDS support 5-6-5 color masks, NexgenIPL only 5-5-5 (a restriction given from Windows). Thats because NexgenIPL stores colors as RGB uncompressed format. For more details look in MSDN for BITMAPINFOHEADER.
  • Improved TIFF-Decoder. B&W images are displayed correct now.

NexgenIPL v1.23 Build 20000731
  • Improved bool BTCImageData::AdjustHue(int nDegrees).
  • Improved static BTHLS BTCImageData::RGBtoHLS(COLORREF col).
  • Improved static COLORREF BTCImageData::HLStoRGB(const BTHLS& hls).
  • Improved static COLORREF BTCImageData::HLStoRGB(double H, double L, double S).
  • Improved static double BTCImageData::GetHLSValue(double m1, double m2, double hue).
  • Removed bug in TIFF-Decoder. Colors for images <= 8 bits per pixel were calculated one less from the origin color.

NexgenUI v1.61 Build 20000731
  • Added BTCButton::InvalidateRgn() function to recalculate region of the control.
  • Added BTCButton::SetState(BOOL bHighlight). See CButton::SetState(BOOL bHighlight) for more details.
  • Removed some memory leaks.
  • Fixed bug/assertion in BTCListBox when it contains no items.
  • Updated NexgenIPL library to v1.23 Build 20000731.

NexgenIPL v1.22 Build 20000724
  • Added BTCImageData::ConvertTo24BPP() function to convert image to 24 bit color depth.
  • Improved Gamma-Correction function: bool BTCImageData::AdjustGamma(double dRedValue = 1.0, double dGreenValue = 1.0, double dBlueValue = 1.0).

NexgenUI v1.6 Build 20000719
  • Added new function to BTCButton class. Now you can manipulate the button state: DWORD BTCButton::SetStateEx(const DWORD dwStateEx)
  • Renamed IScrollNotification to BTIScrollNotification.
  • Updated NexgenIPL library to v1.21 Build 20000718.

NexgenIPL v1.21 Build 20000718
  • Added static BTHSV BTCImageData::RGBtoHSV(COLORREF col).
  • Added static COLORREF BTCImageData::HSVtoRGB(const BTHSV< hsv).
  • Added static COLORREF BTCImageData::HSVtoRGB(double H, double S, double V).
  • Added static BTHLS BTCImageData::RGBtoHLS(COLORREF col).
  • Added static COLORREF BTCImageData::HLStoRGB(const BTHLS< hls).
  • Added static COLORREF BTCImageData::HLStoRGB(double H, double L, double S).
  • Added static double BTCImageData::GetHLSValue(double m1, double m2, double hue).
  • Added static double BTCImageData::GetHue(COLORREF col).
  • Added static double BTCImageData::GetBrightness(COLORREF col).
  • Added static double BTCImageData::GetSaturation(COLORREF col).
  • Added static int BTCImageData::GetLightness(COLORREF col).
  • Improved BTCImageData::AdjustBrightness(...) function. Now you can darken and lighten the image (-100% <-= +100% brightness).
  • Improved the following methods: BTCImageData::AdjustRGB, AdjustRed, AdjustGreen, AdjustBlue. You can now adjust each channel from -100% to +100%.
  • Changed the number of parameters for BTCImageObject::Load(...).
  • Fixed bug in PCX-Decoder when loading 1BPP images.
  • Fixed bug when loading images from resource/memory.
  • Fixed bug in BMP-Decoder when loading 24BPP images.

NexgenIPL v1.2 Build 20000707
  • Added support for loading a specific frame from gif.
  • Added support for animated gifs.
  • Added blur function: bool BTCImageData::Blur();
  • Added crop function: bool BTCImageData::Crop(RECT< rect), bool Crop(int x, int y, int nWidth, int nHeight).
  • Added function to retrieve statistics from each channel: bool BTCImageData::GetHistogram(BTCHistogram* pHistogram).
  • Added function to retrieve a specific channel (red, green or blue): bool BTCImageData::GetChannel(const enum BTChannel< Channel, BTCImageData< Image);
  • Added function to add channels to one image: bool BTCImageData::CombineChannels(BTCImageData* pRedImage, BTCImageData* pGreenImage, BTCImageData* pBlueImage).
  • Removed bug in TIFF-Encoder. Indexed images will be saved correct now.
  • Now there is also a static linked dll available. The library is now independed from installed runtime library on the target system.

NexgenIPL v1.1 Build 20000602
  • Added new octree quantization algorithm for better color reduction quality.
  • BTCImageData::Grayscale and BTCImageData::Negate can be used now for every color depth without converting to 32 bits per pixel.
  • Removed bug in BMP-Decoder when loading OS/2 images.
  • Removed Bug in PPM-Decoder and PGM-Decoder.
  • Internal changes for better portation (perhaps in future).
  • Removed all MFC crap, so it can be used from Win32 and MFC. The library is now a generic Win32 DLL that exports c++ classes.

NexgenIPL v1.0 Build 20000514
  • IProgressNotification interface renamed to BTIProgressNotification.
  • Removed bug in PNG-Decoder when loading Photoshop images.

NexgenIPL v1.0 Build 20000505
  • Added a progress notification interface for loading and saving.
  • Added BTCImageData::Compare(...) to compare two images.
  • Added BTCImageObject::Load(...) to load images located in memory (not resource).
  • Added BTCImageData::FindNearestPaletteColor(...) to find the nearest color in the palette to the color submitted as parameter.
  • New BMP-Encoder.
  • Renamed BTCImageObject::SetObjectData(...) to BTCImageObject::Attach(...).
  • Now you're able to add some user data to files when saving them (PPM, PGM, JPEG, more coming...). See BTParamStructs.h.
  • Removed bug in RAS-Decoder.
  • Removed bug in TIFF-Encoder when writing 16, 24 or 32bpp images.
  • Removed bug in GIF-Encoder.
  • Removed bug in PNG-Encoder (colors will be correct now).
  • Many internal improvements.

NexgenUI v1.5 Build 20000331
  • Added a interface to BTCSliderCtrl which is called when the slider position changes.
  • Modified BTCDigit class. Controls will be redrawn immediatelly after changing value, zero padding and precision.
  • Bitmap characters will be displayed correct now (Bug in BTCFont).

NexgenIPL v0.1 beta Build 20000321
  • Added IFF/ILBM and RAS decoders to NexgenIPL.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • A demo application is now available to show how to use BTNexgenIPL library.

NexgenIPL v0.1 beta Build 20000306
  • Added methode to resize image's size.
  • Added methode to reduce color depth (quantization).

NexgenIPL v0.1 beta Build 20000224
  • Gif's can be loaded from resource now.
  • Removed some memory leaks.

NexgenIPL v0.1 beta Build 20000223
  • Added GIF encoder to write uncompressed gif's (no usage of LZW algorithm) to file.
  • Added GIF decoder to load gif's from file.
  • Added JPEG decoder to load jpeg's from file and resource.
  • Fixed bug which occurs while loading images when their height > width.

NexgenIPL vesion 0.1 beta Build 20000212
  • Added many image manipulation routines.
  • Added more file formats that are supported to read/write.